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Eben Brooks
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United States
I've have been a hobbyist photographer since 1987, but I only recently decided to try to make a business out of what I love to do. After consulting with several of my friends who are professional photographers, I chose the name Or It Didn't Happen Photography as being the best name for the kind of photography I want to do: exciting events, fun times, wild parties, festivals, great achievements, concerts, costumes, conventions, and anything else that makes your heart pound and your face break into a delighted grin! By doing what I love, I want to help you share what you love with the world!

See more at Or It Didn't Happen Photography.
The response I received from Support to my ticket complaining about the group submission limits was . . . somewhat inadequate:

Thanks for your feedback. While we regret the inconvenience this may cause, our investigation shows that 10 deviations per member of a group per day is quite generous. Helping to alleviate spam is but one of the reasons this new limit was implemented.

Your ability to run a group is still very much intact, we've simply reduced the amount of random requests that are needed. Quite a few groups (new and small groups especially) would send out hundreds of requests but only hear back from a small handful. Sadly, these requests were causing a strain on the system and perceived as spam by a lot of users who would report them as such. Reducing the amount of requests ensures that group admins and members think about what they are letting into the group and who they invite. It can also help group admins interact with the art they're trying to add. For example; If perhaps an admin has run out of invites for the day they may be encouraged to leave a comment on the artwork saying how much they like it and how it would be perfect for the group they are in and ask that user to consider adding it there so more users can view it.

We understand this is a change and can be quite unnerving for some, but we are monitoring the situation closely and only ask that you try.

This is so bloody condescending that it makes me physically ill. Here is the reply I sent:

"Your ability to run a group is still very much intact..."

No, it isn't! 10 requests a day means, at most, 3 new deviations a day, and sometimes only 1, and sometimes none at all. Not to mention the fact that you are also restricting my ability to add my own artwork to my own group. I'm the only admin, and the only one who can send requests. In my browsing and in going through my watch lists, I easily come across 30 to 60 images per day that are appropriate for my group. If I can't grow the gallery the way I have been doing, my group will wither and die.

"...we've simply reduced the amount of random requests that are needed."

No, you've reduced the number of requests that are allowed. Unless you're using a very different definition of "needed" than I am.

"Quite a few groups (new and small groups especially) would send out hundreds of requests but only hear back from a small handful."

And that's the groups' fault? How is a new group supposed to grow except by adding to its gallery, as much as it can, as quickly as it can? I mean, think about this for a moment. A Supergroup with 50 admins can still request 500 deviations a day, which means that on average it will have a couple hundred new deviations in its gallery every day. That's a draw for a lot of users, and it's one of the reasons they have large followings. My group can't compete with that.

"Sadly, these requests were causing a strain on the system..."

Now that is starting to make some sense. But surely there are plenty of ways to handle that without limiting a group's ability to grow. Shorten the extant request time--it's currently at a full two weeks. What about making it only one? Other default submission consideration times are a full month; how about making that two weeks, or one week, by default? That's two ways off the top of my head to cut down on the number of un-responded-to requests in your system, neither of which make running my group harder for me.

"We understand this is a change and can be quite unnerving for some, but we are monitoring the situation closely and only ask that you try."

And THAT is the point that you've completely missed. You didn't ask. You imposed. No warning, no discussion, no announcement. Just one day, BOOM! Suddenly we can't do what we've been doing for years. A piece of functionality that we've been relying upon for the administration of our groups is GONE with no explanation except in responses to support requests.

Your lack of communication is what is angering people the most. If you don't believe me, look at the comments these "DA Suggestions" on the subject have generated:……

Here are some highlights:

"They could have simply asked." --existentialdefiance
"they should of made a poll or something." --BraveMoonGirl
"what bothers me the most is that it went completely unannounced so we didn't know it was coming." --PlantFeathers
"i think the worst thing about all this situation is when they take desicions without ask to the DA community, slapping straight on your face after you did many payments for subscriptions." --crcarlosrodriguez
"The past three or four big decisions you've made have been executed in a totalitarian manner without consultation from your wider fanbase" --Limnoria

I'm sure that, if you look around, you'll find that many others are just as upset about this as I am. To pull something like this without giving anyone any warning smacks of "let's slip this in and hope no one notices". It destroys trust.

I've been annoyed by previous changes, but change happens. I deal with it. But being blindsided like this makes me feel betrayed. So I would very much like it if someone could make a public announcement about this, including all of the reasoning behind it, and then LISTEN to the feedback. You may get some better ideas.

Not that I think it will help, but I had to say it. Maybe if enough people do, they'll listen. And, you know, maybe monkeys . . . or pigs.
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